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Bel Air, California

King Iron Works Show Case: Introducing the Contemporary Evolution Project

Throughout many years in the industry, the King Iron Works design team has been approached with unique project ideas that have earned themselves a name and become some of our showcase designs. The Evolution Project is a showcase project that is a prime example of a design that stands out. Evolution is a name given to the custom ironwork we designed, fabricated and installed for a contemporary Bel Air home.  The home was custom build from ground up and King Iron Works has been a part of the design and construction process since the beginning. Seeing our designs contribute to the start and finish of such a massive and amazing project is extremely rewarding.

When beginning such a large and complex construction project, homeowners and industry professionals look to names they can trust to ensure a smooth process and quality results. With forty years of experience, King Iron Works gives clients something they can trust and rely on. Offering unmatched workmanship, precision and the finest quality handcrafted iron work, King Iron Works is certainly an industry leader when it comes to personalized wrought iron products. With showcase projects like the Evolution Project in Beverly Hills, La Canada, Hollywood Hills, Burbank, Glendale, and Pasadena, we have established a portfolio and list of loyal clientele throughout Los Angeles that give clients a stable reference of time tested designs they can refer to and count on.

The Evolution Project in Bel Air is a contemporary design that involves incredibly unique architecture and iron work. For this project, we custom designed and fabricated curved stair stringers and railings. We custom built the main central staircase that serves as a focal point of the interior of the beautiful Bel Air home. This stunning staircase of custom built railings spirals up to three stories, continuously curving for three floors and wrapping around the interior elevator. One side of this gorgeous staircase features an all-glass design. On the exterior of the house we built a bridge and another staircase with stringers, steps and railings. The style of the Evolution Project is symmetric, sleek and minimalistic. The entire property can be described as ultra modern. The horizontal bar design we’ve created for this project is also its own showcase design referred to as the “Retina Design.” Photos of this incredible project will be available soon. We can’t wait to share details of this showcase design.

Many think of traditional and ornate designs when considering wrought iron work for their homes and businesses. However, custom iron details are the perfect pairing for contemporary designs. Ultra modern buildings often feature iron work that is clean, linear, and more often than not, simple. Less is more when it comes to creating a contemporary look. Although contemporary designs like the Evolution project and the Retina design appear to be simpler, the design and fabrication of modern fixtures require a lot of precision and attention to detail that may seem less obvious than the more intricate iron doors, gates, railings, and accents seen in traditional or classic homes and buildings.